10 Skills that will transform your career in 2019

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With the ever-changing needs in the technological market, it is always better to analyze that where do you stand in terms of career and what skills are you are required to learn for your career upgrade!

The speedy evolution of the technology makes the trends go out of date even in the few initial months of the year. As the evolution of technology accelerates, the rate of change becomes exponential.

However, the careers that rely upon technology do not seem to change at a similar speed but obviously, they evolve with time. This truly focuses on the fact that it is important to stay upgraded with the latest technology trends to acquire the job opportunities available in the market.

It’s never too late or too early to learn and so, whether you are an experienced professional or a beginner just go ahead and upgrade your skills! It’s the time to go for training in these top 10 technologies that will completely change your career outlook with one of these jobs!

Looking for a career change this year? Here are the top skills that can help you!

Artificial Intelligence   

  artificial intelligenceAI or Artificial Intelligence is an essential skill to learn in the year 2019. Artificial Intelligence training already received a lot of buzz in the year 2018 and still continues to be in demand because it largely impacts our way to live, play, work and can be seen only in the initial stages.

Since AI is associated with the potential job risks it is one of the hottest topics. As per the experts, the automation tends to cut down around 73 million jobs approximately by the end of the year 2030.

Both Machine learning, as well as Artificial Intelligence, are expected to bring revolution in multiple industries in the year 2019. Huge job opportunities are expected to be created in programming, development, support, testing, maintenance, and even others. One such job profile is Artificial Intelligence Architect. However, automation tends to do both create jobs and eliminate them, particularly in the field of Artificial intelligence.

Machine Learning 

Machine Learning is known to be a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Using the Machine learning technology the computers are learning by discovering patterns as well as insights from the data. As per market research, machine learning is expected to rise up to $8.8 billion by the end of the year 2022. This shows that opting for a machine learning training course would be a great option for a career move!

The applications of machine learning are used for the purpose of data analytics, pattern recognition, and data mining. Machine learning jobs have been ranked amongst the topmost emerging on LinkedIn, with approximately 2000 job postings. Machine learning jobs are inclusive of the data scientists, researchers, developers, and engineers.                            

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

VR or Virtual Reality the user within an environment, while Augment Reality or AR upgrades the environment. As per the job market analysis, there is an increased number of jobs in this field and hence candidates with VR knowledge are in huge demand and the supply for the potential employees is quite low.

Large companies like Oculus, Samsung, and Google are ramping up their VR team. 2019 is expected to be a transforming year for the enterprise AR/VR. Learning AR/VR doesn’t require an individual to be equipped with a lot of prior knowledge.

AR/VR training course helps you with the required professional knowledge and hands-on experiences that can easily land you a job. However, the other employers may also look for hardware engineers or optics as a skill set in the candidate.  

Cyber Security

Like all other technologies cybersecurity too shows dynamic evolution and has been around for a while, though it doesn’t seem to be emerging at the rate at which other technologies are.

The cybersecurity training course is widely popular because it is one of the important skills that is adapted for the enhancement of security. As long as the hackers are present, cybersecurity is a concern and hence an emerging technology that would constantly evolve to defend against those hackers.

As per the job market analysis, the cybersecurity jobs are increasing thrice as compared to other technological jobs. However, there is a huge scarcity of skilled cybersecurity professionals to occupy these vacant positions.

If the trend continues it is expected that there would be around 3.5 million cybersecurity job vacancies by the end of the year 2021.

Blockchain Technology

People often think of blockchain technology in association with the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, the blockchain tends to offer security which is useful in many different ways.

As explained in the Forbes article, blockchains are consensus-driven and thus no single entity can take control of the data. With blockchain, a notrusted third party is required to look after or validate the transactions.

The growing usage of the blockchain technology has led to the significant rise in the demand for skilled professionals and once again the supply of the employees is comparatively lesser.  Thus, undergoing the blockchain training course can help you acquire jobs easily. As per the analysis, the jobs related to blockchain technology are the fastest growing job categories with around 14 job openings with each blockchain developer.

A blockchain developer is expected to specialize in implementing and developing the architecture and solutions by making use of blockchain technology.

Data Science

block chainData science is a combination of multiple disciplines, including data analysis, statistics, machine learning as well as computer science. The term Data scientist is usually used as a blanket title to explain jobs that are quite different.

Findings of certain job analysis reports have shown that jobs in data science have a rapid as well as best industry growth rate in the last decade and are one of the most difficult positions for the employers to fill up. As per the findings of related statistics, about only 50% of the available data scientist jobs got filled over the past four years.

The four kinds of available Data Science Jobs are inclusive of the data analysts, data science generalists and machine learning engineers. This makes Data science training course as one of the most compelling options to go for when we speak of career upgradation.

Mobile Application Development

mobile-app-developmentThe process or act of developing apps for mobile devices such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants or enterprise digital assistants is termed as Mobile application development.

Talking of the year 2019, we expect to witness a huge growth in the number of mobile application developers who depending upon their skills and expertise may pull up salaries up to $200,000. With the rapid advancement of the mobile app ecosystem featuring the increasing adoption of IoT i.e. internet of things ecosystem, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technologies, more and number of individuals are joining this field of mobile app developers.

Hence, if you opt for a career in mobile app development, then going for the mobile app development certification training course would be an add on to your career building!  

As per the analysis, the number of mobile app developers has surpassed 12 million in number and is expected to hit the mark of about 14 million professionals by the end of the year 2020.

Web Development

Like others, the web development industry also witnesses rapid changes in the trends and one of the most rapidly emerging trend in web development seen recently is that of progressive web applications.

It is expected that there would be a significant rise in the demand for web developers in the coming years. As per the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there would be around 13%  growth in employment for the web developers by the end of 2026. This clearly states about the career growth in the field of web development and obviously going for a web development training would serve as add on to your career transformation.

The expansion of e-commerce is considered to be one of the main reasons behind the growth of job for a web developer. One of the fastest ways to learn web development is to join the best web development training institute.

Cloud Computing

cloud-computingAs per David Linthicum, about 10% of the workloads are expected to be in the cloud by the time 2019 ends. 

This means that if you have the ability to help companies to migrate their applications to the cloud then your IT skills will be in huge demand. However, exponential growth is witnessed in the demand for cloud computing professionals and would further accelerate. Thus gaining expertise in cloud computing via cloud computing training course would help you acquire the job positions of cloud computing available with lucrative salaries.

Digital Marketing

digital marketingWith each passing day, the digital marketing landscape has been witnessing a significant shift. There is a number of newer strategies and trends in digital marketing that show a constant evolution in this era where everything is connected via the internet. Every business now needs to make use of those in order to succeed in their efforts just because whatever worked earlier may not work at present.

The increasing demands of digital marketing skills give many significant reasons to opt for the digital marketing training course and give your career a boom! Like others, there is a large scale availability of the jobs in digital marketing but there are not enough people to fill up these vacant jobs.

As per the research report of Burning Glass:

  • Both large and small digital media businesses see social media marketing as a top required skill
  • 40% of the jobs in marketing require digital skills
  • The job postings with a digital focus are twice in comparison to what they were five years ago
  • Digital marketing is expected to make up around 35% of market spending by the end of the year 2019
  • Digital marketing jobs offer an average pay that is $7000 more annually in comparison to other marketing jobs.
  • On average, digital marketing jobs take 16% longer time to fill than the other regular marketing positions

Continue learning new skills

Finally, include the skills you have learned in your resume, and also to your LinkedIn profile. If you use out-of-date information in your resume or profile then is seems as if you are stagnant in your career and are not at all making attempts to grow and learn.

You should keep learning new skills, and also update your resume and social media presence regularly as you learn newer skills.

If you adhere to the advice above, there is a chance that it would increase your likelihood amongst that 2 % of the applicants who get interviewed.

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