AWS Certification can get you the best jobs

Undoubtedly, Amazon Web Services or AWS is one of the leading providers of cloud services and this is why AWS certifications are amongst the most highly demanded certifications in the market. The AWS Certifications are entitled to validate an individual’s expertise over the AWS platform and thus open their doors to various AWS jobs. Whether an individual is a system administrator, developer, application architect, Big data analyst, database admin or a sales/purchase professional, AWS certifications always provide an opportunity to build a successful career option. For this you can choose to go for AWS course in Noida from a recognized AWS training institute in Noida.

Benefits of AWS Certification

Wondering why should you choose AWS Certification? AWS certification holds numerous benefits that make it essential for those aspiring to build a career in the field of cloud services. AWS Certification if pursued can prove to be highly beneficial in today’s world as they bring forth successful career opportunities. Here are a few points that aptly state the benefits of AWS Certifications.

  • Enhances AWS knowledge and skills

  • Increases the probability to get a hike in salary

  • Increases your demand in the job market by making you desirable

  • Showcases one’s commitment to a profession

  • Increases the possibility of getting hired preferably

  • Creates new job opportunities

  • Makes an individual entirely knowledgeable

Which AWS Certification should be taken first?

If already familiar with the significance of AWS certifications, chances are that you may be confused about what to opt for from several AWS certifications available in the market. Choosing the right type of AWS certification is important but the question is how to figure out the same? The simple answer to this question is that an aspirant should choose the certification with a careful introspection of his/her expertise, interest, job position and career. If the AWS certifications are chosen as per one’s expertise then an individual might earn more and more opportunities to enhance their career.

10 most important AWS jobs you can avail with AWS Certification

AWS or Amazon Web Services Certifications act as the door to various highly paid jobs that assist an individual to get over the risks of fluctuations in career growth. If an individual is AWS certified then he/she gets flooded with numerous job opportunities. Let us have a look at the top 10 AWS jobs that you can get with AWS certifications.

1. AWS Cloud Architect

Holding a direct connection with engineers as well as clients AWS Cloud Architect is the position that provides an interface with technical leadership and stakeholders. The cloud architect is responsible for supplying technical architectures as well as lead implementation efforts that ensure that the combination of newer technologies is being adopted. If you acquire the knowledge of cloud computing and hold the certification for AWS Certified Solutions Architect professional then you are eligible to become an AWS Cloud Architect.

2. SysOps Administrator

Responsible for operating, deploying and managing the systems on the AWS platform an AWS SysOps Administrator is another reputed career option. Thus, if you hold expertise in management and deployment of production operations over AWS cloud then enhance your expertise with AWS SysOps administrator certification. This will validate your ability to get selected in various AWS jobs. Receiving an AWS certification is a valuable add-on to your resume which may help you get a better salary.

3. Cloud Developer

Cloud developers are the one who holds the responsibility to develop software applications as well as solutions for the enterprises. Thus, if an individual has significant experience in the field of software development with considerable knowledge about the AWS platform, then there are many AWS jobs available for him/her. Additionally holding an AWS Developer Associate certification would be of great help to take your career to the next level as a cloud developer.

4. Cloud Sales & Purchase Manager

Do you aspire to be a member of an organization that is focussed on increasing the adoption of AWS? If you hold the required expertise in leadership skills, AWS cloud sales/purchase, and technical background then there are a huge number of AWS jobs waiting for you.

As a Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager, an individual has the ability to drive, grow as well as shape the forthcoming future of a highly advanced creative technology. For a candidate who aspires to constant success in the career, it is recommended for them to have AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification which in turn would assist them to get engaged with software developers as well as IT architects who are working on the AWS platform.

5. Cloud DevOps Engineer

The senior developer having expertise in skills beyond development is the cloud DevOps engineer i.e. he is well equipped with knowledge of both network operations and system deployment. Thus, if an individual has multiple skills with in-depth knowledge and expertise on the AWS platform, then numerous AWS jobs are waiting for you. Nowadays, companies are looking forward to hiring Cloud DevOps Engineers in order to set up DevOps culture in the enterprises. And if in case you have updated your skills with AWS DevOps Engineer Professional certification, the possibility of getting an AWS job gets doubled.

DevOps engineer is an IT professional who is responsible for handling various code releases by performing multiple roles. He is supposed to work with the software developers,  system operators as well as with the production technical team.

6. Key Account Manager, Cloud

A key account manager holds the responsibility for managing sales of cloud storage, server as well as products. Additionally, he is also responsible for managing customer accounts for making the target of expedient purchase decisions. A Key Account Manager in addition to all those roles is responsible for driving revenue, market penetration, adoption and management of huge and diverse customer base in the market.

So, are you amongst those who hold expertise in managerial, purchase or sales roles along with proficiency in knowledge of AWS cloud? If yes, then the market is flooded with the number of AWS jobs for you. Yes, the AWS cloud practitioner certification helps you to validate your skills which in turn opens more opportunities for you.

7. Cloud Software Engineer

There is a great chance for you to grow your career path with Amazon Web Services If you are a software engineer programming in Ruby, JavaScript, Python and C++. Your ability to design, develop, and implement system/software on the AWS platform can open the doors of better opportunities for you to get AWS jobs. Thus, validate your software design as well as development skills with the help of AWS certification and distinguish yourself from the crowd in the job market. Start with an associate-level AWS developer certification and further you can opt to go for the professional level certification exam to enhance your growth further.

8. AWS Networking Specialist

If you have the ability to design as well as implement advanced AWS or hybrid networking projects, then there are a huge number of AWS jobs in the market available for you. Yes, in order to upgrade your expertise to work on cloud integration projects, all that is required is an AWS certification.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty exam is meant for those holding expertise in networking. There is a wide-scale demand for the individuals who own cloud network engineering skills along with an AWS certification. Thus, if you become an AWS certified networking specialist then you can get your hands on the number of AWS jobs.

9. AWS System Integrator

Amazon Web Services or AWS is one of the most widely popular providers of cloud services that offer essential infrastructure, messaging, storage, networking, and even more services to clients across the world. At present, various businesses along with the government organizations are dependent on AWS for cloud services and solutions. Thus, the demand for system integrators is rising in order to handle troubleshooting as well as the deployment of various AWS applications.

Having a great knowledge of AWS platform, cloud services, applications, and information systems would make an individual eligible for this job. Avail the AWS certification in order to demonstrate your certified skills to your employers and a number of AWS jobs would be easily available for you.

10. AWS Big Data Specialist

An AWS Big Data specialist is the one who has the ability to design and implement big data services in order to derive value from data. For this position, one must have significant experience in the field of data analytics. If you are having a technical background in the field of architecting as well as defining AWS big data services that can assist organizations to analyze as well as maintain data then there lies a big opportunity in various AWS jobs. If an individual is an AWS certified big data specialist, then there are more chances for him to get an AWS job.

Amazon is showcasing a consistent growth in its services and thus several new certifications associated with varied domains can be possibly introduced in the near future. If you clear the AWS certification exams then you are open to opportunities for any of the above-mentioned jobs. Getting AWS certified and learning AWS concepts plays a significant role in one’s career growth. Getting through with AWS course and AWS certifications not only enables you to receive a higher salary but it also holds a recognized position in one’s field.

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