Design and Implementation of a Software Testing Training Course

Software Testing Training Course

Software testing is the technical process of conducting an investigation to inform the stakeholders about the quality of the service or product being tested. In simple words, software testing is the process of validation and verification. In order to conduct software testing, the tester must know about the software, which is to be tested and also about the tools needed to test it. This can be learned through the Software Testing Training Course. To become an efficient software tester you should go for a practical based training from recognized software testing training institute.

The Software testing techniques employ the process of execution of an application or a program with the intention of discovering the software bugs if any. While if we talk of Software Testing as a career option, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has a wide scope with utmost importance in the IT industry. Over significant years the software tester profile has witnessed phenomenal growth. Software testing has become essential for the implementation of various product/application. Also, the businesses are now realizing that how significant is the structured testing of the various applications before they are released.

About Software Testing Training Course:

Software testing is known to be a critical activity in the field of software engineering and often surpasses the half of the total cost of maintenance and development. For the testing process to be conducted effectively one must possess sharp testing skills and should have good knowledge of the software testing tools. Software testing is crucial as it ensures that the errors found get corrected in order to improve the quality of the final product. Software testing course makes sure that the learners acquire the ability to conduct the tests successfully and efficiently.

The Software testing training course consists of two parts i.e. the theoretical learning and the second being: working on Live Projects. The first part comprises of learning about the basics concepts of software testing, types of testing, design techniques and the levels. The second part consists of working with live software testing projects where the students can apply the concepts they have learned about in the classes.

Designing and implementation of the Software testing course play a crucial role in producing highly skilled testing professionals. Thus one should have sufficient information about the Implementation and design of the software testing courses before making a choice of the software testing training institute.

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Design and Implementation of Software Testing Training Course at APTRON:

The design and implementation of software testing training in Noida at APTRON have been brought into practice after a careful thoughts and research process. It has been designed so as to help the learners with effective learning. Let us discuss the design and implementation of the course.

Design of the Software Testing Training Course:

The Software Testing Course in Noida at our institute has been structured into two modules the first comprising of the theoretical course that involves the best practices and basics of software testing, designs, types etc. and the other being the practical performance/workshop on live projects. Let us know the significant details of the modules:

MODULE 1: Theory:

This part of the course aims at guiding the students to learn the essential theory and skills, which is a pre-requisite for understanding and applying the techniques, principles and the best practices while working on live projects. Following are the contents of the course:

  1. 1.Principles of software testing and its quality
  2. Types of Software Testing
  3. Testing levels
  4. Test design techniques
  5. Quality metrics and defect management

MODULE 2: Practical Session on Live Projects:

The practical sessions aim to guide the learners to acquire the skills required for executing and managing the software testing process by making use of the specialized CASE tools. Following processes are covered during practical classes:

  1. Manual testing management support
  2. Support for coverage metrics and unit testing
  3. Automated user interface tests support
  4. Team Foundation Server (TFS) introduction
  5. Microsoft Test Manager
  6. Microsoft Test Manager Test performance

Implementation of the Software Testing Course:

The Software Testing Training in Noida is implemented effectively at APTRON following the course design/structure and is given to both the beginners as well as the professionals. Experienced professionals conduct the Software testing course in Noida at APTRON with its well-structured module. This helps in the complete transformation of the learners into skilled professionals.

Benefits of Software Testing Training Course:

After completing the software testing training course you will be able to:

  • Apply the fundamental processes and testing principles
  • Implement the test types and levels over software development tools
  • Discover the defects created while the software was being developed
  • Give feedback about the software-its quality and performance
  • Assist in making the software error free
  • Offer the end result that satisfies the user requirements and businesses
  • Immense job opportunities with good pay packages
  • One can work as: Test lead, Test Manager, Senior Test manager or alternatively it may be QA Lead, QA manager etc.

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