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Microcontroller Training at APTRON

Embedded systems, particularly the microcontrollers play a vital role in present day’s industrial automation in order to enhance productivity and reduce costs simultaneously. You can learn about the ways or techniques to control these microcontrollers by taking Microcontroller training. Starting right from the 8051 microcontrollers i.e. the basic one to PIC microcontroller and others, the training aims at meeting the requisites of the industry.

If you are looking for microcontroller training in Noida, then register yourself with APTRON– the best microcontroller training institute in Noida. The microcontroller course here has been designed to offer both professional and practical skills on the very recent software as well as hardware. This further prepares the students as industry-ready professionals making them a preferable choice for the employers. Professional & experienced trainers cum mentor here keep you updated you on the newer advancements, challenges, and market trends in the field of microcontrollers.

The certification in Microcontroller course allows you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in the best possible way and also distinguishes you from the non-certified individuals making you the most preferred candidate for the employer. Hence, while you opt for the course, choose the institute that offers industry-recognized certification. APTRON offers industry-recognized certification for microcontroller course in Noida.

What is a Microcontroller?

Microcontroller refers to the closely packed integrated circuit that has been formed to control a particular operation in an embedded system. The typical microcontroller is inclusive of memory, processor and output/input (I/O) peripherals onto a single chip. Usually known as embedded controllers or microcontroller unit i.e. MCU these microcontrollers are commonly found in the robots, medical devices, machines, vehicles, mobile radio transceivers, home appliances, vending machines, and other devices. To get a thorough knowledge of the working and operation of these microcontrollers one must undergo microcontroller training.

Microcontroller training in Noida at APTRON comprises of the following courses:

  • Embedded C Programming Training
  • 8051 Microcontroller Training
  • PIC Microcontroller Training
  • AVR Microcontroller Training
  • ARM 7 Microcontroller Training

Embedded C Programming Training:

Embedded C programming training in Noida is the fundamental course that focuses on the skills and knowledge needed to describe the functioning of the embedded systems. Training ensures that the candidates get familiar with the techniques used for the enhancement of the embedded systems that ensures the trouble-free performance of various devices. The candidates are guided for adding structure to the code, defining the logic of the program, linking to derive the desired result, and implementing correct syntax.

After completing the course, you will develop the following skills:

  • Understanding of the hardware classification, components, and programming classification of the Embedded System
  • Distinguish between both C and Embedded C
  • Define the data type, statements, operators, as well as the loops of Embedded C
  • Identification of the elements used for programming of the Embedded Systems
  • Install the software, run the simulation, build the target, configure the simulator, and dissect the program
  • Provide interfacing by making use of Embedded C

8051 Microcontroller Training:

8051 Microcontroller training course aims to develop an understanding of complicated designing in embedded systems and thus give a detailed explanation of 8051 microcontrollers. Aspirants gain an in-depth understanding of pin diagram, architecture, as well as the addressing modes of 8051. Skills and knowledge delivered during this training are important for the manufacture of scroll message display, remote control applications, measuring devices, robotics, and others.

After completing the course, you will develop the following skills:

  • Understanding of the embedded systems in detail i.e. its need as well as a classification on both programming language level and hardware
  • Distinguish among microcontroller & microprocessor
  • Explain 8051 architectures with its other interfacing system as well as addressing modes
  • Understanding of register and the memory of AT89C51
  • Understanding the programming of timer and counter, interrupts & serial communication
  • Gain an understanding of and work on Embedded C
  • Understanding of the vivid sensors and categories

PIC Microcontroller Training:

PIC microcontroller training course curriculum aims at developing the participants with all the skills needed in order to work with the PIC microcontrollers or Programmable Interface Controllers at both software and hardware fronts. This training program allows the individuals to work upon the pin diagram, architecture, and output-input interfacing. Exposure to the Embedded C and making use of assembly programs/functions in C also forms to be part of this training. The PIC microcontroller training infuses the trainees with skills to meet the requirements of embedded systems industry of programming the electronic circuits used for performing a wide range of tasks.

After completing the course, you will develop the following skills:

  • Develop an understanding of the evolutions made in microcontroller technology
  • State the characteristics of PIC16F877A microcontroller
  • Study the pin diagram, architecture, and the input-output configuration
  • Get thorough knowledge of the interrupts as well as the timers
  • Understand the importance of output-input device interface
  • Get awareness about the latest trends followed in the embedded systems field
  • Work on various projects that use a PIC microcontroller

AVR Microcontroller Training:

AVR microcontroller training provides knowledge & skills about how to work on Advanced Virtual RISC or AVR microcontroller. This course focuses on providing fundamental concepts that infuse in the students, the needed skills for developing microcontroller-based systems. The individuals learn about Atmel’s AVR microcontroller technology, architecture, and pin diagram, assembly language as well as interrupts and timers, Aspirants also gain understanding about the I/O device interface that covers ADC, TWi, SPI protocol, and others.

After completing the course, you will develop the following skills:

  • Understanding the embedded systems and the developments in microcontroller technology
  • Learn about microcontroller ATMEL ATmega8515/ATmega32
  • Writing programs for AVR by using simulators and assemblers
  • Use external interfaces in different embedded system projects
  • Execute the advanced I/O concepts
  • Get familiarity with the newer trends followed in the embedded systems field and also work on vivid projects.

ARM 7 Microcontroller Training:

ARM 7-microcontroller training is focused to provide in-depth knowledge about NXP’s ARM7 (LPC21xx) processor. Training is conducted on the ARM microcontroller Development Board for the participants to develop the professional skills required to work in the embedded systems industry. The course curriculum for ARM 7-microcontroller training is inclusive of ARM7 architecture, programming tools, instruction set, and debugging techniques. Students are also made familiar to the concept of interfacing of IO device laying emphasis on various interfacing techniques like I2C, SPI, DAC, ADC, and USB.

After completing the course, you will develop the following skills:

  • Developing the background for embedded system
  • Distinguish among RISC and CISC processors, hardware systems & Von Neumann, controllers & processors.
  • Understanding the concepts of architecture, as well as the instruction set of ARM7
  • Get an overview of the difference between the microcontroller and the microprocessor
  • Ability to work on ARM processor programming along with the debugging techniques (JTAG)
  • Implementation of external interfaces in the number of embedded system projects that use a variety of interfacing techniques
  • Get to know about timer C programming as well as serial communication

Microcontroller Course in Noida at APTRON:

Looking for microcontroller course in Noida?  Your search comes to an end as APTRON-the best microcontroller training institute in Noida is at your service. The microcontroller training course in Noida at this institute has been designed as per the industry requirements and their recommendations keeping in view the latest updates in the technology. Microcontroller training offers a huge number of opportunities to all the learners. The training here is conducted by industry experts who facilitate the learning process by assisting the students in the live-projects. APTRON provides live project based microcontroller training in Noida. The excellent infrastructure and the lab facilities offer the best learning environment. The classes are conducted during daytime and evening both in weekdays as well as weekends. The institute also offers fast-track microcontroller training course in Noida.

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