Impacts of Embedded System in your Everyday Life

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The world shows an inclination towards being more and more digital, connected and automated. But, what leads to such a transformation? In multiple cases, it is the embedded systems technology but it is often overlooked. Embedded systems play an important role in almost every phase of our modern life. They affect the way we do business, the way we spend our free time and the way we commute. In this blog post, we would discuss how do the embedded systems affect our everyday life.

What is an Embedded System?

The embedded system refers to a dedicated computer system designed specifically to perform single or multiple functions. It forms to be a part of the multi-purpose device, which is inclusive of both hardware and software. It is something completely different from the ordinary personal computer that is used by us on a regular basis. Embedded systems have been designed to perform a particular task instead of a huge number of tasks as smartphones, laptops and other smart devices do.

The four categories of the embedded systems are as follows:

  • Stand-alone
  • Real-time
  • Networked
  • Mobile

Benefits of Embedded System:

  • It does not require hardware updates
  • It focuses on a specific task
  • Shows flexibility in the operating system requirements
  • It is considered to be an economy of storage as well as power resources
  • Cost-effective

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Embedded Systems at Home:

Embedded systems are considered to be the most vital parts of household life in this modern world. The television, digital alarm clock and the cable box in your bedroom are the devices that make use of the embedded systems. You may possibly own the wireless access points, digitally controlled audio systems, the router for Internet access and controllers for video gaming consoles. All these devices are the best examples that account for the presence of embedded systems almost everywhere.

The other areas in the house that consist of the embedded systems are the carbon monoxide and the smoke detectors that caution you against any risk inside the house. All the preceding examples are just the little topping when it comes to what is embedded systems in relation to the modern house.

Embedded Systems on the road:

The vehicles seen on the road are full of the embedded systems that have been designed for a better driving experience. Convenient features like global positioning systems (GPS) and satellite radios are the best examples of the embedded systems that are found in vehicles at present. Now as the self-driving cars are becoming popular day by day, therefore, the embedded systems are expected to become even more critical in the next decade.

Embedded Systems in Business:

Whether you work in an office, factory, restaurant or other environments, it is expected that even your workplace is full of devices ingrained with an embedded system. Some of the embedded devices at the workplace are:

  • An elevator that takes you to your office
  • Point of sale systems at your restaurants
  • Switches and routers that transfer data across the corporate networks
  • The scanners and printers that are used for making electronic/physical copies of the documents
  • The monitoring and machine control devices in industrial plants responsible to keep the assembly lines moving

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