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Important Skills that Every Big Data Architect Needs

Big Data has evolved over time to become an important link amongst business technology. They are further responsible for designing and planning the next-generation Big data systems along with managing huge scale deployment and development as well.

Big Data architects belong to the group of highest paid professionals with an average earning ranging from $91,392 to $133,988 annually. This compels an individual to opt for Big Data Certification training in order to have better career opportunities.

Being both structured and unstructured Big Data is quite difficult to handle and needs a specific set of skills, thus provides multiple opportunities to work with almost all kinds of organizations.

Big Data is probably managed by Big Data Architect and is a very specialized position. The big data architect makes use of the Hadoop (the big data technology) to solve all the complex problems detected while analyzing the data. Big Data architect analyses the data on a large scale so that one can make the right business decisions.

Thus, a big data architect should possess the quality of a strong team leader and should readily collaborate with several teams and also mentor the team members. Also, it is important for them to maintain good relationships with other vendors and companies.

If you are looking forward to pursuing a career as a big data architect you should opt for Big Data training from a reputed big data training institute. The Big data course content during the training will get you acquainted with the fundamentals of big data technology.

Apart from this big data certification training course, if you wish to be a big data architect then it is important for you to get a detailed knowledge about the requirements of the IT organizations, how to serve as a link amongst the two critical entities and also about how do the big data specialists and engineers operate.

A Big Data Architect must possess the following skills:

Any organization that needs to create Big Data Environment will definitely be in need of a Big Data Architect who is capable enough to manage the entire lifecycle of a Hadoop solution, which is inclusive of: platform selection, requirement analysis, application design, and development, designing of technical architecture and more.

In order to become a big data architect, one requires it is advisable to pursue the best big data training course. A wide range of competency is also needed that grows over time along with the evolution of the field.

Following are the skills that a big data architect must possess for a successful career outlook:

  • A big data architect must have the decision-making ability and should own the caliber to handle the large data efficiently.
  • It is important for them to have good knowledge of machine learning along with clustering to handle data and text mining, pattern recognition and more.
  • The individual must have a genuine interest as well as experience in all the latest programming languages and technologies. All types of JavaScript frameworks such as Spark, Python, HTML, Kafka, Hive, RESTful services, and CSS are some of the important frameworks.
  • A big data architect is expected to hold the experience and have sufficient knowledge to handle the latest data technologies like: MapReduce, oozie, HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB, and Pig.
  • The individuals must know how to work in cloud environments and must have the knowledge and experience of cloud computing.
  • If one aspires to be a big data architect then experience in mining and big data is mandatory.

Specific Job requisites for big data architects

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Below mentioned are the job requirements for big data architects:

  • The individuals must own the ability to communicate and understand the process through which the big data gets its business be it through faster management skills or not.
  • Another quality that a big data Hadoop architect is supposed to have is the proficiency to work with large and diverse data that is formed from number of sources.
  • The big data architects should have knowledge and skills of the various big data tools and technologies such as Hadoop, Hive, HBase, MapReduce, accumulo, redshift and panoply.
  • A Big data architect has to be good in the number of things and should have sufficient experience in designing and implementation as well.
  • Should be familiar with statistics and applied mathematics
  • Must have knowledge of data migration and data visualization

If you aspire to become a Big Data architect then you should have advanced data analysis and data mining skills that need several years of professional expertise in the Big Data field. If you own the skills listed above, then you’re on the right track.

Further, most of the businesses are now seemingly turning to data architects in order to apply and integrate data from various sources. This is and will considerably increase the demand of big data architect along with lucrative pay scale.

Thus, it is the best career option for beginners as well as experienced ones. Thus opting for a big data course can prove to be highly beneficial in terms of career prospects. As a data architect, an individual is supposed to work closely with users, designers, system, and developers.

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