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About Java:

Java is a widely recognized general purpose programming language designed for client-server web applications in particular. It has been designed to show lesser implementation dependencies and thus is class-based, concurrent and object-oriented. Extremely simple yet powerful, the Java Programming language was developed by James Gosling and introduced by Sun MicroSystem in the year 1995.

It has been developed to be the platform-independent programming language and thus shows similarity to C++ in numerous aspects. Usually, it leads to the compilation of the bytecode instruction set and a defined binary format as per the Java Virtual Machine Specification.

Categories of Java Editions:

Sun MicroSystem supports and has defined four Java editions that target different environments, applications and has segmented its various APIs in order to make sure that they belong to any one of the platforms. Following are the platforms:

  • Java Card: It allows Java-based applications to run securely on the smartcards and other similar smaller devices.
  • J2ME/ Java 2Micro or Mobile Edition: Used for the development of wireless or mobile applications by utilizing the predefined protocol known as WAP.
  • J2SE/ Java 2Enterprise Edition: It is generally used for the development of server-side applications and thus targets Internet environments or the largely distributed enterprises.
  • J2SE/ Java 2Standard Edition: Generally used for the development of client-side applications and thus aims at targeting the workstation environments.

The concept of Core and Advanced Java:

In order to learn Java efficiently, one has to learn the core concept of Java first before moving onto the Advanced Java Program. This one should become proficient in the fundamentals of core Java that include: fundamentals of core Java, JDBC, Swings, Applet, JavaBeans. Core Java finds its usage in the development of general Java Applications whereas Advanced Java is used for the development of enterprise and web-based applications. In order to master the skills of Java Programming, you need to apply the theory to practice.

Reasons behind Learning Java Programming Language:

Java is known to be one of the best and essential programming languages used for the development of successful applications and software. Following are the reasons that make Java programming language worth learning:

  • It is the topmost development platform
  • Majority of the desktops, about 97%, at various organizations run Java
  • Billions of devices run on Java
  • It has created numerous Job opportunities
  • It is an object-oriented Programming language
  • Quite easy to learn and has tons of information
  • It comprises of powerful development tools
  • Great Community support
  • It finds its usage in the real world applications
  • Used globally and offers higher pay packages to the professionals

Additionally, the Java training in Noida allows you to do the following:

  • Helps in the generating the computer programs that aim to perform certain tasks.
  • Allows you to program in Object-oriented World
  • Make use of Java for the creation of Java Server pages and JavaScript for making a powerful web application.
  • Assists you in learning of other popular computer programming languages.
  • Enhances your logical and critical thinking.
  • Offers a highly paid job as Java developer.

Java Applications:

Java finds its extensive usage all around the world. Apart from being used in the development of software and applications, it also finds its wide usage in designing of the device controlling the software components. About three billion mobile devices run Java and more than 930 million JRE downloads are witnessed every year. Following are the main applications of Java Programming Language:

  • Development of Desktop Applications
  • Developing web Applications such as, etc.
  • Used in Mobile Operating Systems such as Android
  • Used in Embedded Systems
  • Used in games, Robotics etc.

Skills needed in order to be a proficient Java Programmer:

In order to become an efficient Java Programmer one should possess the following skills:

  • Servlets/JSP
  • Web services like REST/SOAP or Service Oriented Architecture
  • Web Frameworks: Spring and Hibernate/ Java Struts
  • Markup languages such as JSON and XML
  • Web Technologies like Jquery, CSS, JavaScript, HTML.

Careers in Java:

By Joining the Java Course in Noida one can get the following Job Roles after the completion:

  • Web Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • J2EE developer
  • Java Architect
  • Software Developer
  • Core Java Developer
  • UI Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • J2EE Design Expert
  • Software Support Engineer

Why APTRON for Java Training in Noida?

APTRON is one of the best Java Training Institute in Noida that offers the practical and job oriented Java training in Noida. The Java Certification course offered here at APTRON is widely recognized by the Industry. The Java course curriculum here is inculcated with the latest developments made in the industry. Being the best Java training center in Noida APTRON employs a unique method of teaching i.e. the theoretical classes are incorporated with practical sessions to give a comprehensive Java Training in Noida.

The Java trainers at APTRON are highly experienced and proficient in the subject. APTRON offers best java training in Noida along with 100% placement assistance to all its students. A separate placement team responsibly conducts placement drive with various MNCs. Java Training Course in Noida at APTRON is offered at a reasonable price and is conducted in the daytime as well as evening during the weekdays and also at the weekends. Additionally, Fast track courses are also available for the same.

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