Python Operators

python operators

The Python operators can be defined as the special symbols that are used for logical and arithmetical computations i.e. they are responsible for carrying out a particular operation amongst two operands. Python Operators are regarded as the pillars of a program in a particular programming language on which the logic is built. Let us see first what are operators and operands.

 Operators- These refer to the specific symbols in Python that help in carrying out the logical or arithmetic computation.

 Operand- The value operated by the operators is referred to an operand.

 Python offers the number of operators described in the following categories below.

  • Arithmetic operators
  • Comparison operators
  • Assignment Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Bitwise Operators
  1. Arithmetic operators

As suggested by the name Arithmetic operators in Python are preferably used to carry out simple mathematical calculations like addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*) and division (/).

For Example:




x – y = 5


print(‘x – y =’,x-y)

 Assignment operators

Assignment operators in Python are used for assigning values to the variables. The assignment operators are inclusive of the symbols =, +=, -=, *=, /=, %=, //=, **=, &=, I=, ^=, >>=, <<=. 


a= 5 is a simple assignment operator in Python assigning the value 5 to the variable a.

However, the assignment  operators in Python like a += 5 first add to the variable and then later on  assigns the same to it. It is equivalent to a = a+5.

  1. Comparison operators

As suggested by the name itself the function of the comparison operators in Python is to compare the values as per the condition to check if it’s true or false. These operators are inclusive of  the symbols of  less than (<), greater than (>), equal to (==), not equal to (!=), greater than or equal to (>=), smaller than or equal to (<=).


# Examples of Comparison Operators

a = 13

b = 33

# a > b is False

print(a > b)

  # a < b is True

print(a < b)

# a == b is False

print(a == b)

# a != b is True

print(a != b)

# a >= b is False

print(a >= b)

# a <= b is True

print(a <= b)







  1. Logical operators

Logical operators in Python are used for joining the conditional statements. These comprise of the operators called Logical AND, Logical OR and Logical NOT. 

Logical AND- True when both operands are true

Logical OR- True when either of the operands is supposed to be true

Logical NOT- True when the operand is false


# Examples of Logical Operator

a = True

b = False

# Print a and b is False

print(a and b)

# Print a or b is True

print(a or b)

# Print not a is False

print(not a)




  1. Bitwise operators

Bitwise operators perform the function via bit by bit operation and act upon bits. Thus, they derive their name as per the function. The bitwise operators are inclusive of Bitwise AND (&), Bitwise OR (l), Bitwise NOT (~), Bitwise XOR (^), Bitwise right shift (>>) and Bitwise left shift (<<)


# Examples of Bitwise operators

a = 10

b = 4  

# Print bitwise AND operation  

print(a & b)

  # Print bitwise OR operation

print(a | b)  

# Print bitwise NOT operation 


# print bitwise XOR operation 

print(a ^ b)

  # print bitwise right shift operation 

print(a >> 2)  

# print bitwise left shift operation 

print(a << 2)







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