Software Testing- Career Scope and the Types of Software Testing

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Once the developer completes building up of an application, the primary task that comes into the scene is testing of the applications to make sure that all the functionalities of the applications work well. The application should be error free before it is launched for production. Thus, it is tested via manual or automation testers in order to identify the existing bugs and report it back to the developers for a fix. For thorough testing of the software, one should go for software testing training to be able to perform the test effectively.

Software Testing as a Career:

Software testing has a wide career scope these days. Whatever be the language in which the application has been built i.e. Java, Python, .NET etc. at the end each application has to be taken to the testers for testing. Earlier Manual testing was widely practiced but now automation testing has completely overtaken the things. The tools used widely in the process of automation testing are Selenium- the open source software testing tool, SOAPUI, UFT i.e. Unified Functional Testing, IBM, CodeUI etc. The effective use of these testing tools requires rigorous software testing training. The usage of the testing tools makes the task of the testers quiet easier and for this, it is advisable to opt for a Software Testing course in case you want to build your career in Software testing.

To talk of what the software testers are paid, we often come across the statements that the testers are paid lesser than the developers, however, this is not the truth as a skilled and a certified software testing professional is paid equally as a that a developer is. Thus software testing certification training course can help you with a career boost. Additionally, the software testers are expected to have end-to-end business knowledge and the work responsibility is nearly equivalent to that of the developers at the time of production.

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Skills required for becoming a Software Tester:

In order to become a Software tester, the following are the skills required:

Technical Skills:

  • Fundamentals of SQL Query
  • Hands-on experience on Linux/Unix Commands
  • Real-time experience and knowledge on the testing tools

Non-Technical Skills:

  • Deep knowledge of the business rules
  • Organization of Work and Time management
  • Excellent Analytical Skills
  • Good Communication
  • Passion towards work and a great attitude

Now let us have a look at various types of Software testing:

Many of us merely aware of the functional testing of software- but there various specialized forms of software testing that are used these days. These types of software testing are inclusive of performance testing, ETL Testing, security testing etc. While you opt for APTRON’s Software testing training in Noida, you are introduced to each of its types. Let us now discuss each of these:

Performance Testing:

After ensuring that the application is devoid of the functional bugs, it is tested for numerous user loads that it can withstand and also its performance is tested. For this purpose, various types of testing methods are being conducted on the application such as volume testing, load testing, endurance testing, and stress testing etc.

Security Testing:

Security testing is the process of finding security flaws and the vulnerabilities in an application and is called as the security testing. The most common vulnerabilities include cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection. The most prevalent security testing is security scanning, vulnerability testing, and penetration testing.

ETL Testing

extract-Transform-Loader ETL is the testing process mainly done for transforming the data from source to that into the data warehouse. The tools required for the process of ETL testing is Informatica and in recent times, it has been witnessed that Hadoop testing has become popular.

Software Testing Training in Noida:

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