Why you should learn Hadoop?

As per Dice, the Technology professionals should volunteer for the Big Data Projects that makes them important to their employer and even more marketable to various employers. Following are some of the compelling reasons that enable you to make a career in Hadoop technologies:

Career with Hadoop:

As per the reports of Forbes, about 90% of the world organizations have been found to invest heavily in the big data analytics and about 40% of them name it as a “significant investment”. The most important thing is that around 2/3rd of the respondents said that the big data and analytics had a valuable, measurable impact on revenues.

Hadoop skills are highly in demand- and this fact cannot be denied. Hence, it is an important requirement for the IT professionals to stay updated with trends in Hadoop and Big Data technologies.

Apache Hadoop offers you various ways to uplift your career and gives you the following benefits:

  • Accelerated career growth
  • Increased salary packages because of the Hadoop skill

Hadoop career is highly rewarding and this is a well-known fact. Do you wish to have a rewarding career in Hadoop? Then go for Hadoop training in Noida in order to kick-start your career. APTRON is the best Hadoop Training institute in Noida.

Numerous Job Opportunities with Apache Hadoop:

The Big Data Marketing forecast seems to be very promising and ensures that the upward trend would significantly show progress over time. Thus, the employment opportunities or the market trend is not for a shorter duration instead it is expected to grow continually as the Big Data technologies are here to stay. Hadoop thus, has the potential to improve the job perspectives whether it is for the fresher or an experienced professional.

Source: Big Data Market Forecast

The research report from Avendus Capital predicts that in India the Big Data market has been drifting around $1.5 billion by the end of the year. This further has significantly contributed to about 1/5th of India’s KPO market i.e. worth $5.6 billion. Also, as per the prediction of The Hindu, due to the tremendous expansion of the big data Hadoop technologies, India may face the shortage of Hadoop professionals i.e. one would have tremendous growth in career and job opportunity in this field.  

This requirement of Big data professionals can be fulfilled via comprehensive learning of Apache Hadoop that encourages the beginners as well as the professionals to add the significant Big Data skills to one’s profile.

This is the best opportunity to benefit oneself from this positive trend and take its advantage through appropriate learning of Hadoop.

See who is employing?

LinkedIn is one of the best places to know about the number of existing Hadoop professionals. Several companies are employing the Hadoop professionals and Yahoo! is the topmost employer amongst those.

Big Data and Hadoop are similar to Big Bucks!

President of Dice, Shravan Goli in a statement said that Companies have put forward the fact that harnessing of data can play a significant role in one’s competitive plans and that may lead to increased pay for the professional skills.

The managing director of Dice Alice Hill tells (Data informed) that the availability of Hadoop jobs has gone up by 64% in comparison to the earlier statistics. And Hadoop is known to be the leader amongst the Big Data Category in terms of job availability.

Top Hadoop Technology Companies:

Still wondering whether Hadoop is a good choice for your career?  Go through its advantages and disadvantages and be the decision maker by yourself. If you are planning to make a career in Big Data Hadoop then opt for Hadoop course for better opportunities.

Hadoop Training in Noida:

APTRON provides best Hadoop Training in Noida based on the current stated requirements of the industry, which helps the students to attain placements in various top MNC’s. At APTRON the Hadoop course in Noida has a unique course structure that incorporates both practical as well as theoretical classes. APTRON is one of the most trusted and authorized Hadoop Training institutes in Noida that offers hands-on practical knowledge on live Hadoop project along with 100% placement assistance.

At APTRON Hadoop Training in Noida is conducted by subject matter experts and corporate professionals who are highly experienced possessing 7+ years of experience in managing real-time Hadoop projects. The topics covered in Hadoop course in Noida at APTRON are: Hadoop, Big Data, Enterprise Master Data Management, data Mining for Business and more. 

APTRON is the most well recognized Hadoop training institute in Noida with high-tech infrastructure and advanced lab facilities. The Hadoop training in Noida at APTRON is duration flexible and is offered at an affordable Hadoop course fees.


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