How to Become a Google Cloud Certified Professional

How to Become a Google Cloud Certified Professional

The Google Cloud Professional Certification was ranked as one of the top-paying IT certifications last year by Global Knowledge.

This Google Cloud training program provides the skills you need to advance your career in cloud architecture and provides a pathway to achieving industry-recognized Google Cloud Professional certification.

You will deploy solution elements including infrastructure components such as networks, systems, and application services, and you will gain real-world experience through Qwiklabs projects in multiple hands that you can share with potential employers.

The Google Cloud Certified Professional Program is for elite cloud architectures and technology leaders and who specialize in designing enterprise solutions. The program recognizes individuals with deep technical expertise who can translate business needs into business solutions using Anthos and Google Cloud. The ideal candidate should have the ability to make a public impression, serve as an Anthos evangelist, and is one who is actively engaged in the community.

Why Google Cloud Certification is Important?

Google Cloud Certification is a Google product and has supported the transformation and development of the world. Google explored political, cultural and social boundaries to bring the truth to people. Now, Google is accelerating the process of learning and developing an information system.

Google was far ahead of the competition that existed between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure. The Google Cloud Certification program is now used by most of the Fortune 500 companies because of its ease, availability, comfort, and additional features that support the data recording, processing, updating, and analysis process.

A Google Cloud Certified Professional demonstrate the ability to-

  • Design and planning of cloud solution architecture
  • Manage and provision cloud solution infrastructure
  • Design for safety and compliance
  • Analysis and optimization of technical and business processes
  • Manage Cloud Architecture Implementation
  • Ensure solution and operational reliability

How to get a Google Cloud Certification?

Google Cloud Certified Professional is required to ensure the technology companies that the candidate applying for a job has all the relevant skills and abilities in the required field. It follows some steps-

  1. Be quite apparent with the cloud computing fundamental concepts.
  2. You must have the relevant information and abilities to use the concepts in real-life applications.
  3. Capability to develop a structure for Google Cloud Certification Program to effectively use resources and achieve quality results.
  4. Functioning concepts is as important as learning the concept.
  5. Study to resolve issues in the practice tests available online.
  6. Nevermore give up, especially in your first attempt, because life means trying again and again until you succeed.
  7. Keep yourself up to date with the most modern technological upgrades and know-how.
  8. You must be knowledgeable of roles and policies.

Recommendation of Google Cloud Certified Professional course

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Final Note

The cloud technology market is growing, and as it unites with Google’s name, it quickly became apparent that being able to use cloud technologies is becoming a necessity for any kind of data-centric role.

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