Industrial Applications of PLC SCADA

Industrial Applications of PLC SCADA

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller. It is a computing system used to control electromechanical processes.

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It is a type of industrial control system, used to monitor and control facilities and infrastructure in industries.

Communication between PLC and SCADA is basically the main criteria for industrial automation. PLC SCADA communication is created when the tags on both sides match. Once they are matched and recognized, voting can begin and so the read and write operations will work like a charm.

Industrial Applications- Programmable Logic Controller

PLCs are intended to be highly robust, often capable of sensing extreme temperatures, humidity, vibration, and electrical noise. PLCs are typically entrusted with the monitoring and control of a large number of sensors and actuators and are therefore distinct from other computer systems in their extensive input/output (I / O) arrangement.

PLCs are designed to control complex industrial processes, such as running machines and motors. They are light to program and are fully scalable to the requirements of an operation. PLCs are also used to collect data from the systems they control.

Industrial Applications- Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

SCADA is a central system used to monitor and run plant processes. It is a software installed on a computer and serves as an interface with industrial machines (or human-machine interfaces, or HMIs). It allows users to track information coming from devices, enter commands, change their programming, etc.

SCADA systems are often used in combination with PLC and other devices. Data from the PLC and Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) are relayed to the system, and commands are entered into the HMI to make adjustments on the processes they control.

SCADA software and PLC create an automated system for determining maintenance tasks, which is the core of a predictive maintenance program.

Applications of PLC

PLC can be used in Industrial department of all the developed countries in industries like chemical industry, automobile industry, steel industry and electricity industry. 

Application of PLC in the Glass Industry

Programmable logic controllers have been in use in the glass industry since 1980, and are assembled little by little. PLCs are mainly applied in every process and workshop for controlling material ratio, processing of flat glasses etc.

In the manufacture of float glass, the PLC cannot finish some control functions on its own due to the complexity of the control system and the processing of huge data. The control system deals with analogue control and data recording, PLC is also used for digital quality control and position control.

Applications of PLC in Cement Industry

Nowadays DCS technology is used in the production and management industry. Using the DCS control system, the PLC is in the user mode of SCADA. This mode includes PLC and configuration software, SCADA mode includes PLC and host computer. The host computer consists of a slave and a master station. PLC is used to control ball milling, shaft kiln and kiln coal.

Applications of SCADA

SCADA is widely used in different areas from chemical, gas, water, communications and power systems. The SCADA applications can be arranged as follows- 

  • SCADA systems are used in electric power generation plants, transmission area and distribution system
  • A SCADA assists you in the management of different inventory items or raw materials, controlling of automated systems in a synchronous manner
  • Supervision of diverse RF-based systemscommunication mediums and large communication systems through the SCADA.
  • Water and sewage treatment plants and supply management used by the state or MCD
  • Traffic controls and helps in the regulation of traffic signals.


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