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Before getting on to the Jaspersoft interview questions, the student must know that the Jaspersoft is a continuously varying field which needs the students as well as professionals to upgrade their skills with the new features and knowledge, to get fit for the jobs associated with Jaspersoft. This post related to Jaspersoft Interview Questions and Answers, Jaspersoft Interview Questions and Answers Freshers, Jaspersoft Interview Questions and Answers, Jaspersoft Interview Questions will help you let out find all the solutions that are frequently asked in you upcoming Jaspersoft interview.

Over thousands of vacancies available for the Jaspersoft developers, experts must be acquaintance with all the component of Jaspersoft technologies. This is necessary for the students in order to have in-depth knowledge of the subject so that they can have best employment opportunities in the future. Knowing every little detail about Jaspersoft is the best approach to solve the problems linked with problem.

APTRON has spent hours and hours in researching about the Jaspersoft Interview Questions and Answers, Jaspersoft Interview Questions and Answers Freshers, Jaspersoft Interview Questions and Answers, Jaspersoft Interview Questions that you might encounter in your upcoming interview.  All these questions will alone help you to crack the interview and make you the best among all your competitors.

First of all, let us tell you about how the Jaspersoft technology is evolving in today’s world and how demanding it is in the upcoming years. In fact, according to one study, most of the companies and businesses have moved to the Jaspersoft. Now, you cannot predict how huge the future is going to be for the people experienced in the related technologies.

Hence, if you are looking for boosting up your profile and securing your future, Jaspersoft will help you in reaching the zenith of your career. Apart from this, you would also have a lot of opportunities as a fresher.

These questions alone are omnipotent. Read and re-read the questions and their solutions to get accustomed to what you will be asked in the interview. These Jaspersoft interview questions and answers will also help you on your way to mastering the skills and will take you to the giant world where worldwide and local businesses, huge or medium, are picking up the best and quality Jaspersoft professionals.

This ultimate list of best Jaspersoft interview questions will ride you through the quick knowledge of the subject and topics like Jaspersoft Enterprise Information Platform, Jaspersoft and the Web, Reporting With Jaspersoft. This Jaspersoft interview questions and answers can be your next gateway to your next job as a Jaspersoft expert.

These are very Basic Jaspersoft Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced both.

Q1: Explain what is Jasper Reports?
A1: Jasper Reports is used to Generate the reports from the Database. A powerful report-generating tool that has the ability to deliver rich content onto the screen, to the printer or into PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV and XML files.

Q2: How to set dynamic main report width when using crosstab?
A2: For a single crosstab use the attribute ignoreWidth=”true”

Q3: Main features of JasperReports?
A3: Some of the main JasperReport features include:

Has flexible report layout.

Multiple ways to present data, it can present data textually or graphically.

JasperReports can generate watermarks.

Developers can supply data in multiple ways.

JasperReports can generate subreports.

JasperReports can accept data from multiple datasources.

JasperReports is capable of exporting reports to a variety of formats.

Q4: Name any three main Jasper Managers classes?
A4: net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperCompileManager: Used to compile a JRXML report template

net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperFillManager: Used to fill a report with data from a datasource

net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperPrintManager: Used to print the documents generated by the JasperReports library

Q5: What is JasperReports Server?
A5: Typically, JasperReports Server refers to both the core server functionality (creating and managing users and roles, assigning permissions, scheduling reports, etc) and to the Business Reporting functionality which is enabled by JasperReports.

Q6: How to change date format (month name) in iReport?
A6: To display dates in different formats, one option is to format dates based on locales. For example, the following expression uses the current user’s locale:
DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.LONG, $P{REPORT_LOCALE}).format($F{currentDate})

Q7: What is the difference between .jasper, .jrprint, .jrpxml, .jrxml JasperReport file formats?

  • .jrxml is a human readable XML file that contains the report template i.e. report structure and its formatting rules.
  • .jasper is the compiled report template i.e. compiled .jrxml file. You use this file as the template argument in the JasperReports API.
  • .jrprint is a serialized JasperPrint object i.e. an actual report instance i.e. a template that has been filled with data. This file can be deserialized back into a JasperPrint object.
  • .jrpxml is a human readable XML represenatation of a JasperPrint object i.e. an XML version of a template that has been filled with data. This file can be unmarshalled back into a JasperPrint object.

Q8: How you will avoid null values in jasper reports?
A8: By set the property isBlankWhenNull to true.

In iReport check the Blank When Null checkbox when your field is selected.

In jasper jrxml file: <textField isBlankWhenNull=”true”>

Q9: How Are Jasperreports And Ireports Created?
A9: Jasper Reports are created manually using jrxml file and compliling it. On the other hand iReport gives one the more user-friendly environment for developing reports.

Q10: What Are The Steps For Identifying The Default Java Version Used For Generating Ireport?
A10: When iReprot designer is using the default Java installation for the environment, opening a command line and executing the following command would help – java-version

Q11: How To Change The Version Of Java Used By The Ireport?
A11: To change the version of Java used by iReport, the following setting has to be added or updated.
or <ireport-install-directory>/ireport/etc/ireportpro.conf.
The use of the command line would depend on the installation made.

Q12: Can Jre Be Selected To Generate Ireport?
A12: JRE was created using the JSmooth and one can modify the file ireport/etc/ireport.jsmooth using the jsmooth to force use of particular JVM.

Q13: How To Run User Defined Functions In Ireport?
A13: A few simple steps help to run the user defined functions. The first step is to go to Tools-options- claspath tab –ADD Jar- choose Jar file. In iReport the Scriptlet node in Report Inspector chooses the property named ‘Scriplet Class’. Keying in the location of the user defined function would help.

Q14: Is It Possible Using Multiple Parameters For The Query In Ireport?
A14: Yes it is possible using a set of controls in Java. The user has full control on what he or she passes and what he or she received in Java.

Q15: Jaspersoft Characteristics

Criteria Result
Ad hoc reporting Web-based user defined reporting
Integrated solution In-memory/OLAP analysis, dashboard, reporting, ETL and data integration tool combined into one.
Distinguishing features Flexible, cost effective, end-to-end BI capabilities

Q16: What is the difference between JasperReports Server Community Edition and JasperReports Server Professional?
A16: JasperReports Server Community Edition is Jaspersoft’s free, open source reporting and analysis server, based on JasperReports Library, Mondrian, JPivot and Spring. It is licensed under the GPLv2. JasperReports Server Professional Edition is a commercially licensed reporting and analysis server based on JasperReports Server Community Edition. It is “visible” source – code comes with Professional Edition, but it is not free. The Professional Edition extensions beyond the Community Edition include:

  • Interactive web based “ad hoc” report development and data exploration (AJAX) against any data source.
  • End user query through the browser, based on “data domains” which include data level security. A web based domain designer is provided. JDBC only at this stage.
  • In-memory data access and calculation engine to support ad hoc. Includes server management like query governing.
  • Dashboards made up of multiple reports, images and external web content can be designed through the browser (AJAX).
  • User profile based data level security for OLAP analysis, beyond simple roles.
  • Performance tuning and management tools.
  • Multi-tenant enabled to support “business intelligence as a service” for SaaS vendors and organizations that share JasperReports Server across customers or departments.
  • Complete translations of the JasperReports Server user interface and documentation for English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese (Chinese coming soon)
  • Out of the box support to allow JasperReports Server to run in a large variety of application servers and databases for the repository. JasperReports Server Community Edition and Professional Edition can connect to a wide variety of databases for reporting and analysis through JDBC.

Q17: What is iReport Designer?

  • There are several ways to add reporting capabilities to an application. For many web developers, to create a report just means to create a web page, which produces good results on screen but poor results when printed to paper. And to create a report in PDF means write more code tons of code, making the reports hard to maintain and long to write. When working with other technologies the problem does not change very much.
  • For example, Java provides an extensive API for printing, but there is still a lot of work to write specific code for each document format.The answer to this problem is to use a reporting library. JasperReports Library is the world’s most popular open source Java reporting library, and iReport Designer is a visual report designer for JasperReports. The library is a report engine that can be integrated in your open or commercial application to generate the reports designed with iReport Designer, display them on screen or export them in a final format like PDF, OpenOffice, DOCX and many others.
  • Alternatively, you can stream the result through a web application or send the final document directly to a printer. JasperReports is in some way the core of iReport Designer.JasperReports is extremely easy to integrate in an Java application, but if you need an environment to use the reports without having to write a custom application, you may consider using
  • JasperReports Server.JasperServer provides a web based interface to manage, schedule, and run the reports; a repository to store all the report resources like images, fonts, data sources and much more; a security service to decide who can execute which report; and a web services API to execute the reports from external applications (so you can generate reports from any kind of environment, like PHP or .NET).
  • In the big picture, iReport Designer allows you to design reports, JasperReports allows to execute them and generate output in a Java application, and JasperServer allows both end users and external applications to access, view, and publish your reports securely. JasperServer also makes reports interactive by adding drill down and drill up capabilities to your documents.

Q18: Who are the customers of Jaspersoft?
A18: The Jaspersoft’s customers come mainly from the ISV sector. But basically the companies that creates their own application. So a very wide range of organizations is there, even from the public sector.
Creating Dashboards and Reports is basically what customers do with Jaspersoft software. Those are static reports or interactive HTML5 charts. The reports and dashboards can be accessed from any mobile device, which provides a neat overview. You also have the option to get a deep analytical view.

Q19: What is Jaspersoft ETL?
A19: Jaspersoft ETL is a complete and ready-to-run ETL job designer with an extensive set of data integration capabilities. It consistently and accurately extracts and transforms data from multiple systems and loads it into data stores optimized for reporting and analysis such as star or snowflake schema data marts and warehouses. And it easily keeps pace with the performance of other leading ETL tools. With JasperETL, database architects and operational data store administrators can:

  • Use the business modeler to access a non-technical view of the information workflow.
  • Display and edit the ETL process with Job Designer, a graphical editing tool.
  • Define complex mappings and transformations with Transformation Mapper and other transformation components.
  • Generate portable Perl or Java code that can be executed on any machine.
  • Track ETL statistics from start to finish with real-time debugging.
  • Allow simultaneous output from and input to multiple sources including flat files, XML files, databases, web services, POP and FTP servers with hundreds of available connectors.
  • Configure heterogeneous data sources and complex file formats including positional, delimited, CSV, RegExp, XML, and LDIF with metadata wizards.
  • Use the Activity Monitoring Console (AMC) to monitor job events (successes, failures, warnings, etc.), execution times, and data volumes.

Q20: What is iReport?
A20: iReport is the free, open source report designer for JasperReports and JasperReports Server. Create very sophisticated layouts containing charts, images, subreports, crosstabs and much more. Access your data through JDBC, TableModels, JavaBeans, XML, Hibernate, CSV, and custom sources. Then publish your reports as PDF, RTF, XML, XLS, CSV, HTML, XHTML, text, DOCX, or OpenOffice.

Jaspersoft Conclusion Interview FAQs

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