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Before getting on to the SEO interview questions, the student must know that the SEO is a continuously varying field which needs the students as well as professionals to upgrade their skills with the new features and knowledge, to get fit for the jobs associated with SEO. This post related to SEO Interview Questions and Answers, SEO Interview Questions and Answers Freshers, SEO Interview Questions and Answers, SEO Interview Questions will help you let out find all the solutions that are frequently asked in you upcoming SEO interview.

Over thousands of vacancies available for the SEO developers, experts must be acquaintance with all the component of SEO technologies. This is necessary for the students in order to have in-depth knowledge of the subject so that they can have best employment opportunities in the future. Knowing every little detail about SEO is the best approach to solve the problems linked with problem.

APTRON has spent hours and hours in researching about the SEO Interview Questions and Answers, SEO Interview Questions and Answers Freshers, SEO Interview Questions and Answers, SEO Interview Questions that you might encounter in your upcoming interview.  All these questions will alone help you to crack the interview and make you the best among all your competitors.

First of all, let us tell you about how the SEO technology is evolving in today’s world and how demanding it is in the upcoming years. In fact, according to one study, most of the companies and businesses have moved to the SEO. Now, you cannot predict how huge the future is going to be for the people experienced in the related technologies.

Hence, if you are looking for boosting up your profile and securing your future, SEO will help you in reaching the zenith of your career. Apart from this, you would also have a lot of opportunities as a fresher.

These questions alone are omnipotent. Read and re-read the questions and their solutions to get accustomed to what you will be asked in the interview. These SEO interview questions and answers will also help you on your way to mastering the skills and will take you to the giant world where worldwide and local businesses, huge or medium, are picking up the best and quality SEO professionals.

This ultimate list of best SEO interview questions will ride you through the quick knowledge of the subject and topics like pay Keywords, Building Links, Technical SEO. This SEO interview questions and answers can be your next gateway to your next job as a SEO expert.

These are very Basic SEO Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced both.

Q1: What is SEO & why is it so important?
A1: In simple words, SEO or Search Engine Optimization denotes to any activity performed for the improvement of Search Engine rankings of websites, products, services or other content. It shows unpaid results which is also referred to as “free”, “organic”, “natural” or “earned” results.

The importance of SEO starts with the desire of the companies to gain more traffic for their websites. The ranking over search engines matter because users pay more heed to the first 5 searches on Google. Moreover, the users tend to trust Google’s refined search results because they consider these searches to be more authentic and specific.

Q2: What is a Search Engine?
A2: A search engine is a web-based software system which is developed to search and locate relevant information on the World Wide Web. Search engines generally answer the queries entered by the users and give them a list of search results.

Q3: Name of a few search engines.
A3: The names of some search engines are- Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu, DuckDuckGo and Yandex.

Q4: Who are the Founders of Google?
A4: The founders of Google are Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Q5: In which year was Google founded?
A5: Google was founded on 4th September, 1998.

Q6: What is World Wide Web?
A6: The World Wide Web (WWW) or the Web, which was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in the year 1989, is an information system of internet servers containing webpages where specially formatted documents and resources, supported by Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP, can be located by Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) with other hypertext links.

Q7: What is a Domain?
A7: On the internet, the domain is simply a part of the network address and acts as a descriptor for websites. It includes email addresses, website addresses and addresses of Internet Protocols such as SSH, IRC and FTP.

For example, in, mytasker is the domain.

Q8: What is domain extension?
A8: Domain extension refers to the notation found at the end of web addresses. The extension is used to specify a country code or any web category. For example, .edu is a domain extension to specify educational institution as the web category.

Q9: What is a website?
A9: A website contains a collection of web pages or formatted documents that can be accessed over the Internet. Websites are generally identified with domain names or web addresses.

For example, if you type the web address over the internet, it would take you to the home page of the actual website.

Q10: What do you mean by Cloaking?
A10: Cloaking is a deceptive way of optimizing your website for search. In this technique, a different content will be show to the search engine crwaler than what is presented to the end users.

Q11: How many types of Meta Tags are there in SEO and what are their characters limits?
A11: There are mainly for types of Meta tags in SEO.

  1. Meta Description tag with 1200 pixels limits
  2. Meta Keyword tag
  3. Title Tag with 600 pixels limits
  4. Meta Robots

Q12: How many characters limits in & Meta Description tag?
A12: We can add 70 characters in title tag and 222 characters in Meta Description tag. Though google now places a pizel limit.

Q13: What is Google Sandbox?
A13: Google sandbox is an imaginary area where new websites and their search rating are put on hold until they prove worthy for ranking. In other words, it checks the standard of the website.

Q14: Tell me something about Black Hat SEO?
A14: In order to get a high ranking in search engine result page, websites go for various methods and techniques which are characterized by two categories. One method that is acceptable by search engine guidelines is known as White Hat SEO, while the other method which is not acceptable by search engine guidelines is known as Black Hat SEO.

Q15: Name few Black Hat SEO techniques?

  1. Link Farming
  2. Hidden text, etc.
  3. Gateway or Doorway pages
  4. Cloaking
  5. Keyword Stuffing

Q16: Can you differentiate between ‘nofollow’ and ‘dofollow’ link?
A16: Nofollow links do not pass Link juice and have no impact on Google Ranking Algorithm. Dofollow link passes link juice and has an impact on Google Ranking Algorithm.

Q17: What is the difference between PR (page rank) and SERP (Search engine result page)?
A17: Page rank is calculated on the basis of quality inbound links from other website or webpages to our webpage or a website.

SERP (Search Engine Result page) is the placement of the website or web-pages which is returned by the search engine after a search query or attribute.

Q18: What do you know about Keyword stemming?
A18: It is trick to find out root word from search . For instance, a keyword like “house design” will be split to the word “house” by stemming algorithm that turns it possible. Thus, the search result appears on the screen will contain the word “house” in it

Q19: What are webmaster tools?
A19: It is a free service provided by the Google to get the information about the indexing data, backlinks, search queries, crawl problems, malware complaints and XML site map.

Q20: What is robots.txt?
A20: It is a kind of text file utilized to provide the instructions to the crawlers about the caching and indexing of a website, directory, domain or a file of a webpage.

Q21: What is Keyword Density?
A21: It is a very important factor to increase your webpage ranking. Keyword density is the percentage density of a particular phrase or keyword available on a website compared to the total number of words on the particular page.

Q22: What is Cross Linking?
A22: It is considered as one of the best strategy that can come in handy to yield high search engine rankings, by leveraging several domains owned by you.


Q23: To increase rankings, what things should not be performed to avoid a penalty?
A23: A person can use Google Disavow tool to remove low quality and spammy links. After getting rid of all the bad quality links, you will create authentic and good quality links from white hat SEO techniques which are approved by Google Penguin and Panda like the link from social media, forum posting, article submission, guest posting, and blog commenting.

Q24: Have you made any mistakes in your SEO based profiles and how did you rectify them?
A24: “To err is human”

Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. The interviewer here expects you to be honest and is testing your problem-solving skills. Like for example, people usually make these very basic mistakes in their SEO profile:

Make it difficult for search engine crawlers to index and thereby, rank your site. Most of the people are unaware of the fact that they have to add their sites to Google Webmaster tool (which is now called Search Console). You can rectify this mistake by clicking on ‘add a website’ option to the Google Webmaster tool.

Q25: Is HTML case-sensitive or case-insensitive?
A25: HTML is a case-insensitive language because it doesn’t matter for uppercase or lowercase.

Q26: What is the difference between SEO and SEM?
A26: SEO is a process to get our website appear in the search engine result page.
SEM is a search engine marketing to purchase space in search engine result page.

Q27: How would you increase the Pagerank of a page?
A27: Pagerank of a page can be increased by building more backlinks from authority sites and high page rank webpages.

Q28: What do you mean by 301redirect?
A28: 301 redirecting is a method of redirecting users from the old page url to a new page url. 301 redirect is used to pass the link traffic from the old url to the new url.

Q29: What is keyword proximity?
A29: Keyword proximity is used to measure the distance between two keywords in the text. It is used by some search engines to measure relevancy of a given page to the search request. It specifies that the closer two keywords to each other, the more relevant the page.

Q30: What are the advantages of submitting sites to search directories?
A30: Submitting sites to search directory are useful to get back links to your website. The more number of back links you get, the more probability to increase the chances that search engine will index it sooner, compared to when it is not listed.

Q31: What is Hummingbird update?
A31: This update was released in August 2013. The purpose of this update was to understand the intent of the user in the query and provide the results best suitable for a user. Instead of ranking a page because of keyword density, this update understands the semantics of query, relevancy of content and provide the suitable results.

For example, if you search for keyword: “which is the best business hotel in Hyderabad ?” then hummingbird will understand the intent of the user and provide the results for “best business hotel in Hyderabad” by ignoring the words [which is] and [?] to provide relevant results.

Q32: What is EMD update?
A32: This update was released by Google in Sep 2012 to target low-quality websites which used exact match domain name sites. The major sites which hit with the update the long tail domains with keywords. Sites like were hit with the update. Even some good sites were hit with this update. Example has lost the 1st position after EMD Update.

Q33: What is Pigeon Update?
A33: Google have released this algorithm to provide more relevant results in Google Local Results. The algorithm considers other traditional web search signals as crucial factors for local ranking. This algorithm name was coined by “Search Engine Land”.

Q34: What is Pirate 2.0 Update?
A34: This update was released to target the websites which distribute the pirated material like pirated movies, software and other copyright material. Most of the torrent sites, online movie distribution sites were hit with this update.

Q35: What is RainBrain Algorithm?
A35: Rank Brain is an artificial intelligence (AI) software program used to help process search queries. Google announced about this update in October 2015. RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to process large amount to data and convert the data in a format which can be interpreted by Google Machine learning systems.

Q36: What is Penguin 4 Update?
A36: Google has made the Penguin algorithm integrated with their core algorithm and it works in real time. This announcement was made in Sep 2016 by Google. Also, this update was planned to released in Phases, So in September end and October beginning, Google launched 2 phases of this update.

Q37: Have you ever dealt with link penalties? How?
A37: After identifying the link, try to remove them and disavow the one that can’t be deleted.

Dealing with link penalties includes the following steps:

  • Find all the backlinks: This can be done with the help of Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Identify the bad backlinks: One of the best tools to identify bad backlinks is Monitor backlinks.
  • Request removal of the bad links: All the requests must be sent from the email address of the website. After that, you have to keep track of your requests and see who has opened your emails.
  • Disavow the ones that can’t be removed: Before you create a disavow report, it is important to remove all the backlinks. Add tags to all of the links you could not delete by using “disavow” tag.

Q38: After implementing distinct SEO methods for a site, if you haven’t got any improvements. What would be your next step?
A38: The first step would be troubleshooting for the issues. Firstly, it is essential to note if it is a new project or not. The next step would include analyzing relevant keywords and phrases for the site that needs to be optimized along with studying competitive analysis.

There could be two cases:

The website and pages have been indexed and appear in the first 10 pages of SERPs but not in the top three pages, so there it needs some transformation on page descriptions, page titles, page text etc. However, if the website is still not indexed or dropped from the index, it might comprise of some big issues and a total re-work might be required.

SEO Conclusion Interview FAQs

We know the list of SEO Interview Questions and Answers, SEO Interview Questions and Answers Freshers, SEO Interview Questions and Answers, SEO Interview Questions is overwhelming but the advantages of reading all the questions will maximize your potential and help you crack the interview. The surprising fact is that this SEO interview questions and answers post covers all the basic of the SEO technology and you have to check out the FAQs of different components of SEO too.

However, you will be asked with the questions in the interview related to the above mentioned questions. Preparing and understanding all the concept of SEO technology will help you strengthen the other little information around the topic.

After preparing these interview questions, we recommend you to go for a mock interview before facing the real one. You can take the help of your friend or a SEO expert to find the loop holes in your skills and knowledge. Moreover, this will also allow you in practicing and improving the communication skill which plays a vital role in getting placed and grabbing high salaries.

Remember, in the interview, the company or the business or you can say the examiner often checks your basic knowledge of the subject. If your basics is covered and strengthened, you can have the job of your dream. The industry experts understand that if the foundation of the student is already made up, it is easy for the company to educate the employ towards advance skills. If there are no basics, there is no meaning of having learnt the subject.

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