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PHP Interview Questions PHP Interview Answers
You'd like to use the class MyDBConnection that's defined in the MyGreatFrarnework\GreafDatabaseAbstractionLayer namespace, but you want to minimize *as much as possible* the length of the class name you have to type. What would you do? Import the MyGreatFrarnework\GreafDatabaseAbstractionLayer namespace.
Which PHP function sets a cookie whose value does not get URL encoded when sending it to the browser? setrawcookie()
What is the name of the key in $_FILES['name'] that contains the number of bytes of the uploaded file? size
What is the ideal method of copying data between two opened files? files stored? stream_copy_to_stream($source_file, $destination_file);
Which of the following rules must every correct XML document adhere to? It has to be well-formed, It has to be valid.
Which of the following code snippets writes the content of the “source.txt” to “target.txt”? file_put_contents("target.txt", fopen("source.txt", "r"));, file_put_contents("target.txt", file_get_contents("source.txt"));, $handle = fopen("target.txt", "w+"); fwrite($handle.
What tags can always be used to begin a PHP script? <?php or <script language="php">.
Which of the following is used to find all PHP files under a certain directory? RecursiveDirectorylterator.
Which PHP function relieves a 1st of HTTP headers that have been sent as part of the HTTP response or are ready to be sent? header_list()
Which of the following statements about PHP is true? A final class may be instantiated, A class with a final function may be derived, Static functions can be final.
Which requirements need NOT be met so that file uploads work? Sate mode must be turned off so that the uploaded file an be written to the server
A/hen comparing prepared statements and regular, application-constructed SQL statements, which of the following is true? Prepared statements are more secure
How can the line on which HTTP headers were sent inside a script be determined? Using the headers_sent() function.
An HTML form has two buttons. After submitting the form, how could you determine with PHP which button was clicked? Assign name and value attributes to each button and use $_GET or $_POST to find out which button has been clicked.
When setting HTTP headers from PHP, how can you make sure that your application sends the same header twice, with different values? Set the second argument of the header() function to false
Which DOMElement property provides a reference to the list of Element's children? childNodes
What function can reverse the order of values in an array without the loss of key information? array_reverse()
Which of the following encryption standards provides symmetric key encryption? AES, Blowfish
Webservices are primarily meant to support? machine-to-machine interaction.
What do bytecode caches do? Save the results of the compilation of PHP scripts for reuse.
In a shared hosting environment, session data can be read by PHP scripts written by any user. How can you prevent this? Store session data in a database.
Which elements can be encapsulated by namespaces? Classes, functions and constants
What function can be used to retrieve an array of current options for a stream context? stream_context_get_options
Which of the following describes a PHP extension? A plugin that changes the way PHP behaves
Which kind of encryption is provided by PHP's crypt functions'? One-way
What can NOT be used to send a cookie from within a PHP application? $_COOKE
Which PHP function is used to validate whether the contents of $_FILES['name'] ['tem_name'] have really been uploaded via HTTP'? Is_uploaded_file()
Your application needs to handle file uploads performed with HTTP PUT. How can you retrieve this data? php://input stream
Which of the following superglobals does not contain data from the client? $_SESSION
PHP’s array functions such as array_values() can be used on an object is the oject… ? implements ArrayAccess
Which SPL class implements fixed-size storage? SplFixedArray
What is the name of the PHP function used to automatically load non-yet defined classes? __autoload()
Which is the most efficient way to determine if a key is present in an array, assuming the array has no NULL values? array_key_exists('key', $a)
Some databases support the LIMIT clause. ft is a method to ensure that only a defined subset of rows are read in SELECT queries
Which constant must be passed as the second argument to htmlentities () to convert single quotes (') to HTML entity? ENT_QUOTES
What PHP function can be used to remove a local file? B) unlink()
What DOM method is used to load HTML files? loadHTMLFile()
Which of the following functions can help prevent session fixation vulnerabilities? session_regenerate_id()
How can you determine if magic_quotes_gpc is enabled? Using the get_magic_quotes_runtime() function.
You want to present the following formatted number: "999.000.000,00". Which function call is correct? print number_format(999000000, 2, ',', '.');
What function returns the filename component of the file's path: ? basename()
Which of the following are valid SoapClient calls? $client = new SoapClient("weather.wsdl");, $client = new SoapClient(null, array("location" => "", "uri" => ""));
Which of the following statements about exceptions are correct? you can only throw classes derived from Exception, a try block can have multiple catch blocks.
What parsing methodology is utilized by the SimpleXML extension? DOM
Which of the following is NOT possible using reflection? Adding class methods
Which of the following statements about Reflection are correct? Since 5.1 reflection is an extension that can be disabled, Built-in classes can be reflected on command line using php –rc <classname>.
How can a SimpleXML object be converted to a DOM object? dom_import_simplexml().
You want to parse a URL into its single parts. Which function do you choose? parse_url()

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