Best Project Based 6 Weeks iphone apps Development Summer Training Institute

Best Project based 6 Weeks Summer Training on iphone apps development
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APTRON has introduced live project based 6 weeks iphone apps development summer training for engineering students imparting basic to advanced level of knowledge. It is the best summer training institute comprising of a team of best and industry experienced professionals as trainers for 6 weeks iphone apps development summer training program. This further ensures that the students are in safer hands and under the best mentorship to enhance their skills. The iphone apps development summer training course at APTRON has been structured by experts and is closely aligned to the industry requirements. Backed with 100% placement support in the top MNCs our 6 weeks iphone apps development summer internship training is a perfect balance of both theory and practical hands-on experience on live projects.

Boasted with high-tech facilities, well-equipped infrastructure, advanced labs, libraries etc. with 24x7 access provides an excellent learning environment for the 6 weeks iphone apps development summer training based on live projects. The iphone apps development summer training opens up vast career options for the students and is ideal for 1st/2nd/3rd/4th year engineering students and aims at expanding their horizons and enhancing skills in order to transform themselves into industry-ready professionals.

The rivalry for the acquisition of jobs in various MNCs requires the students to have mental elasticity with a creative mindset and the 6 weeks iphone apps development summer training course encourages the learners to create, invent or discover something valuable. APTRON is the best 6 weeks iphone apps development summer training institute that provides optimal exposure to the students helping them develop their brain accordingly at a reasonable summer training fees.

APTRON is the largest 6 weeks iphone apps development summer training centre and multiple summer training batches are conducted throughout the day both in the weekdays and weekends making it easier for the students to choose the batch as per their convenience. In addition to this, the institute also provides Fastrack iphone apps development summer training course. Such type of rigorous 6 weeks iphone apps development summer internship training introduces the students with the real-time work environment and the mandatory placement training prepares them to face the real-world challenges during the job interview. The summer training course duration, as well as batch timings, show perfect coordination with your summer vacation and hence you can utilize your time in the best way.

Aptron's Project-based 6 Weeks Summer Training in iphone apps development Covers the Following Modules

Summer Training in iphone apps development is a modular 6 weeks course, regularized over 5 days a week, 2 hrs a day, and exclusively includes practical sessions. The course curriculum of Summer Training in iphone apps development comprises:

    Module 01: iphone apps development - Curriculum Session 1. What you should know

  • installing the SDK
  • Becoming a registered Apple Developer
  • Joining the iOS Developer Program
  • Creating a simple iOS application
  • The four pillars of iOS application development
  • Module 02: iphone apps development - The Tools

  • Using Xcode
  • Using the iOS Simulator
  • Understanding the iOS application lifecycle
  • Using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern
  • Module 03: iphone apps development - Simple iphone apps development Application

  • Create an Xode Project
  • Using Interface builder
  • Model view controller Declarations
  • Declaring methods
  • Declaring instance variable
  • Module 04: iphone apps development - Making Connections

  • Setting Connections to UIViews
  • Setting Target and action
  • Deploying an application
  • Application lifecycle
  • Module 06: iphone apps development - Objective

  • Data Type
  • Objects
  • Instance
  • Creating an instance
  • Sending message
  • Destroying an instance
  • Module 07: iphone apps development - NSArray , NSMutable Array NSDirectory , NSMutable Direct

  • SubClassing an objective and Class
  • Instance Variables
  • Accessors and Properties
  • Instance Methods Initializers
  • Module 08: iphone apps development - Memory Management

  • Reference Counting
  • Autorelease Pools
  • Retain count management
  • Target and Action Design Pattern
  • Module 09: iphone apps development - UIButton /UI Segment Control/Switch

  • Setting target and Actions
  • Implementing methods
  • Module 10: iphone apps development - Delegate Design Pattern
  • Module 11: iphone apps development - Core Location Framwork
  • Module 12: iphone apps development - View Controllers
  • Module 13: iphone apps development - UINavigation Controller
  • Module 14: iphone apps development - UITableView and UITableViewController
  • Module 15: iphone apps development - Playing Audio and Vidio
  • Module 16: iphone apps development - Notification and Rotation
  • Module 17: iphone apps development - DataStorage
  • Module 18: iphone apps development - Sqlite Programming
  • Module 19: iphone apps development - Session 22: XML Programming
  • Module 20: iphone apps development - Core Data
  • Module 21: iphone apps development - App Store Basics
  • Module 22: iphone apps development - iPad Basics
  • Module 23: iphone apps development - Memory Management tools

6 Weeks Based Projects List in iphone apps development Technologies

  • Drivers Connectivity
  • Tictactoe
  • Media Playear
  • Bord CastSMS
  • Location Finder GPS
  • Wall Changer
  • Flashlight
  • Call Blocker
  • Call Log
  • Payment MVC
  • Mr Bhukku (Snake Game)

APTRON Project Based 6 Weeks Trainig Course duration for iphone apps development Technologies

  • Fast Track Training Program (6+ hours daily)
  • Regular Classes (Morning, Day time & Evening)
  • Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)


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