Refund Policy – APTRON

  • The Registration fees of Rs 1000/- is always inclusive of the total fees paid by the student at any point of time. Even if the student pays less fees at the registration time due to lack of funds then also the reg fees will be adjusted by Rs 1000/- on final Payment.

  • The Registration fees and GST is Non-Refundable in any case whatsoever.

  • The Fees is Refundable on only the below mentioned conditions.

  • The first two classes of any course will be considered as trial classes and if a student is not able to understand the lecture then he has to report to the program manager after the end of the second class. In this case the fee paid by the student will be refundable after deducting the GST and the Registration Charges of Rs 1000/-

  • For every other condition apart from the above condition the Fees once Paid is Non Refundable in any case whatsoever which may include cases such as transfer from one location to other, non-attending classes due to getting selected in some company, non-attending classes due to some exams, non-attending classes due to some medical/ family/personal or any other reasons whatsoever.

  • In the above cases the student will be given a membership card of one year wherein he/she can attend the course for up to one year from the date of fees payment which can be extended on special written permission by the management which shall be ensured by the student to collect from APTRON after coordination with the Program Manager.

  • The Fess Once paid by the student is Non Transferable on account of any other Admission referred by the Student or directly registered at APTRON.


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