Training Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions to be followed during course at APTRON

1 Student must carry the Identity-card provided by APTRON every time, to attend the class.

2 Student will be responsible for any disputed activity in accommodation. If any type of miss happening will take place in accommodation or in city, it will be the sole responsibility of student; APTRON will not be responsible for the same.

3 Registration fee, Food, Lodging fees and Service Tax are non-refundable. If student will goes home during the training session or drops out to any reason, then fees for that period will not be returned.

4 If a student indulges in any dispute or other misconducts, then he/she will be dismissed from the course and may be handed over to the police.

5 Students will share one PC in the LAB.

6 Student must attend the classes regularly and certification will be provided only in case of 70% attendance in training. If student is absent for more than one day, then he will not be given separate backup class. Whatever topic he has not covered he can continue in some other batches in coordination with the trainer with written approval.

7 For electronics project, components will be purchased by students. Toolkit will be provided by APTRON. Students can keep the project with them aGer completion of training.

8 If anything gets stolen or destroyed in the LAB or Class Room, then entire batch will have to pay the fine collectively for that loss collectively. (APTRON Campus is monitored 24x7 by CCTV Cameras)

9 Certificates will be given either on the date of completion or within the 15 days of completion of the training.

10 For any query contact at our e-mail address: [email protected]

11 Complete fee must be paid on the date of reporting/commitment. Any delay will amount to a fine of Rs 100/- per day for first 5 days and Rs 500/- per day aGer that for next two days aGer which the student will be suspended from course till full fees is deposited

12 Any kind of data downloading is strictly prohibited in the lab premises.

13 If any candidate wishes to take leaves from the training, then he/she must submit a written application to the management.

14 The membership card can be collected by student from the office reception aGer full fees submission. The membership card is only for revision of certain topics which the student has queries in and does not give liberty to the student to attend the class on his own terms and condition. Revision of topics will be allotted in specific batch time decided by the management and the student must come on that time only to revise the topics

15 Student can apply for certificate aGer full fees submission at reception. It takes at least 10 days for the certificate to be printed and handed over to the students. Please be patient if you have applied late.


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