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Big Data Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers 2018
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Here are list of Top Answers for Big Data Hadoop interview questions asked and answers given in sessions mentioned below:

Big Data Hadoop Interview Questions Big Data Hadoop Interview Answers
Which of the following options is CORRECT? InfoSphere Data Explorer can find, extract and deliver content regardless of format or where it resides.
Which of the following InfoSphere BigInsights features provides a vast library of extractors enabling actionable insights from large amounts of native textual data? Text Analytics
Which of the following options contain security enhancements available in InfoSphere BigInsights? LDAP authentication, Secure file transfers through SFTP protocol.
In regards of InfoSphere Streams, Which of the following options is CORRECT? InfoSphere Streams is a powerful analytic computing platform capable of analyzing data in real time with micro-latency.
The following types of indexes are available in the InfoSphere BigInsights? Large Scale indexing feature, EXCEPT? MapReduce index
How do enterprises leverage big data platforms? By storing all of the data in its native business object format, so the enterprise can get value out of it through massive parallelism using readily available components.
What is the difference between Hadoop?s MapReduce and IBM?s Adaptive MapReduce feature available in InfoSphere BigInsights? Hadoop?s MapReduce is optimized for operating on large files, while IBM?s Adaptive MapReduce is configurable to operate optimized on large or small files or splits
Which of the following options are CORRECT? The Stream Processing Language provides a language that works with the Streams run-time framework to support streaming applications, Users can deploy existing data mining scoring models in Streams applications for real time insights as opposed to running those models on persistent, or stored data
How is data stored in a Hadoop cluster? The data is divided into blocks, and copies of these blocks are replicated across multiple servers in the Hadoop cluster.
What is good fit for Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)? Applications requiring high throughput of data.
What does Big Data represent? Large amounts of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured raw data that cannot be stored, processed or analyzed using traditional relational data warehouses
Which of the following options is CORRECT? InfoSphere BigInsights is based on the nonforked core Hadoop distribution, and backwards compatibility with the Apache Hadoop project will always be maintained. Therefore, all applications written for Hadoop will run on BigInsights.
Which of the following toolkits is NOT provided by InfoSphere Streams? Intranet toolkit.
Which of the following components is NOT included in the BigInsights Basic Edition distribution? BigSheets
Which of the following statements is NOT CORRECT? InfoSphere Streams jobs must be coded using either HiveQL or Jaql languages.
How do big data solutions interact with the existing enterprise infrastructure? Big data solutions works in parallel with the existing enterprise infrastructure leveraging all the unstructured raw data that cannot be processed and stored in a traditional data warehouse solutions.
Which of the following options is CORRECT? InfoSphere Streams submits dynamic data to pre-existing queries
What is HADOOP? Hadoop is a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using a simple programming model.
Which of the following options is CORRECT? InfoSphere Streams high availability feature allows for processing elements (PEs) on failing nodes to be moved and automatically restarted, with communications re-routed, to a healthy node
In a traditional Hadoop stack, which of the following components provides data warehouse infrastructure and allows SQL developers and business analysts to leverage their existing SQL skills? Hive
Which of the following tools can be used to configure the InfoSphere Data Explorer environment? InfoSphere Data Explorer?s web-based interface, REST/SOAP APIs
Which of the following connectivity modules is provided by InfoSphere Data Explorer? Federation Module
Which of the following options is CORRECT regarding InfoSphere Data Explorer?s annotators? InfoSphere Data Explorer?s annotators allow users to interact with search results by providing feedback about the result's value, and by adding useful information and communication with other users.
Which of the following options contains the main components of Hadoop? MapReduce framework, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Apache Commons.
Which of the following options best describes the differences between a traditional data warehouse environment and a Hadoop environment? Traditional data warehousing environments are mostly ideal for analyzing structured data from various systems, while a Hadoop environment is well suited to deal with semi-structured and unstructured data, as well as when a data discovery process is needed.
Which of the following compression algorithms is used by InfoSphere BigInsights to provide an additional compression option over the ones that come with the base Hadoop distribution? zo

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