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SAS Interview Questions and Answers 2018
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You reached at right place, read best SAS Interview Questions Answers 2018 provided by APTRON are based on real time interview for freshers & experienced. If you have any problem related to SAS, we also provide best SAS course, SAS training with placement assistance. These SAS Interviews Questions and answers are based on real time interview in the industry.

APTRON Noida, Best SAS Training institute has published the list of Best SAS Interview Questions and Answers 2018 and Best SAS Interview Questions asked in a variety of interview-sessions conducted at MNCs in real time interviews. The SAS training centre in Noida is working on overall training and development of the students. Training is a responsibility that does not end after completion of SAStraining and certification; in fact, after the successful SAS Course, our 10+ years experienced SAS trainers conduct SAS Training on personality development, email writing, spoken English, resume writing, and mock-interview sessions to boost the confidence and presentation level of the participants. During the SAS training course, trainers take the students through various lab assignments and develop decision making scenarios using the simulators to provide the first-hand SAS training experience to the students. Furthermore, we organize recruitment drive and provide 100% placement assistance to the students.

Here are list of Top Answers for SAS interview questions asked and answers given in sessions mentioned below:

SAS Interview Questions SAS Interview Answers
The SAS data set SASUSER.HOUSES contains a variable PRICE which has been assigned a permanent label of “Asking Price”. Which SAS program temporarily replaces the label “Asking Price” with the label “Sale Price” in the output? proc print data = sasuser.houses label; label price = “Sale Price”; run;
How many observations are written the WORK SALES data set? 60
Which ODS statement option terminates output being written to an HTML rile? CLOSE
What is the purpose or the MISSOVER option on the INFILE statement? It prevents SAS from loading a new record when the end of the current record is reached.
Which statement correctly computes the average of four numerical values? average = mean(ofnum1 - num4)
A user-defined format has been created using the FORMAT procedure. Where is it stored? in a SAS catalog
Which of the following choices is an unacceptable ODS destination for producing output that can be viewed in Microsoft Excel? WINXP.
Which statement describes a characteristic of the SAS automatic variable _ERROR_? The _ERROR_ variable can be used in expressions in the DATA step.
Which is a valid LIBNAME statement? libname sasdata "_SAS_data_library_location_";
The SAS data set Fed.Banks contains a variable Open_Date which has been assigned a permanent label of "Open Date". Which SAS program temporarily replaces the label "Open Date" with the label "Starting Date" in the output? proc print data=SASUSER.HOUSES label;
label Open_Date="Starting Date";
Which step sorts the observations of a permanent SAS data set by two variables and stores the sorted observations in a temporary SAS data set? proc sort data=SASUSER.EMPLOYEES out=EMPSORT;
by Lname Fname;
Which step displays a listing of all the data sets in the WORK library? proc contents data=WORK._all_;
Which one of the following SAS system options displays the time on a report? DATE
Which one of the following SAS system options prevents the page number from appearing on a report? NONUMBER.
Unless specified, which variables and data values are used to calculate statistics in the MEANS non-missing numeric variable values only
A realtor has two customers. One customer wants to view a list of homes selling for less than
$60,000. The other customer wants to view a list of homes selling for greater than $100,000. Assuming the PRICE variable is numeric, which one of the following PRINT procedure steps will select all desired observations?
proc print data = sasuser.houses;
where price lt 60000 or price gt 100000;
Which one of the following is true of the RETAIN statement in a SAS DATA step program? It has no effect on variables read with the SET, MERGE and UPDATE statements.
Which one of the following SAS statements renames two variables? setwork.dept1
work.dept2(rename = (jcode = jobcode
sal = salary));
On which portion(s) of a SAS data set does the PRINT procedure report? the data portion only
Which one of the following SAS procedures displays the data portion of a SAS data set? PRINT
Which one of the following SAS DATA steps saves the temporary data set named MYDATA as a permanent data set? libname sasdata 'SAS-data-library';
data sasdata.mydata;
set mydata;
Which one of the following is true of the SUM statement in a SAS DATA step program? It adds the value of an expression to an accumulator variable and ignores missing values.
Which one of the following is true when SAS encounters a data error in a DATA step? A note is written to the SAS log explaining the error, and the DATA step continues to execute.

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