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Best CCNA Networking Interview Questions and Answers 2018
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APTRON Noida, the best CCNA Networking training institute in Noida has published the list of Best CCNA Networking Interview Questions and Answers 2018 and Best CCNA Networking Interview Questions asked in a variety of interview-sessions conducted at MNCs in real time interview. The CCNA Networking training centre in Noida is working on overall training and development of the students. Training is a responsibility that does not end after completion of CCNA Networking training and certification; in fact, after the successful CCNA Networking Course, our 10+ years experienced CCNA Networking trainers conduct training on personality development, email writing, spoken English, resume writing, and mock-interview sessions to boost the confidence and presentation level of the participants. During the CCNA Networking training course, trainers take the students through various lab assignments and develop decision making scenarios using the simulators to provide the first-hand CCNA Networking training experience to the students. Furthermore, we organize recruitment drive and provide 100% placement assistance to the students.

Here are list of Top Answers for CCNA Networking interview questions asked and answers given in sessions mentioned below:

CCNA Networking Interview Questions CCNA Networking Interview Answers
A technician needs to limit the amount of broadcast traffic on a network and allow different segments to communicate with each other. Which of the following options would satisfy these requirements? Add a layer 3 switch and create a VLAN
The network install is failing redundancy testing at the MDF. The traffic being transported is a mixture of multicast and unicast signals. Which of the following would BEST handle the rerouting caused by the disruption of service? Layer 3 switch
Which of the following network devices use ACLs to prevent unauthorized access into company systems? Firewall
Which of the following is used to define how much bandwidth can be used by various protocols on the network? Traffic shaping
Which of the following is used to authenticate remote workers who connect from offsite? (Select TWO) RADIUS, 802.1x
Which of the following provides accounting, authorization, and authentication via a centralized privileged database, as well as, challenge/response and password encryption? TACACS+
A technician needs to set aside addresses in a DHCP pool so that certain servers always receive the same address. Which of the following should be configured? Reservations
Joe, a network technician, is setting up a DHCP server on a LAN segment. Which of the following options should Joe configure in the DHCP scope, in order to allow hosts on that LAN segment using dynamic IP addresses, to be able to access the Internet and internal company servers? Default gateway, Subnet mask, DNS servers
A technician just completed a new external website and setup access rules in the firewall. After some testing, only users outside the internal network can reach the site. The website responds to a ping from the internal network and resolves the proper public address. Which of the following could the technician do to fix this issue while causing internal users to route to the website using an internal address? Implement a split horizon DNS
When configuring a new server, a technician requests that an MX record be created in DNS for the new server, but the record was not entered properly. Which of the following was MOST likely installed that required an MX record to function properly? Mail server
Which of the following protocols uses label-switching routers and label-edge routers to forward traffic? MPLS
Which of the following is MOST likely to use an RJ-11 connector to connect a computer to an ISP using a POTS line? Analog modem
An administrator notices an unused cable behind a cabinet that is terminated with a DB-9 connector. Which of the following protocols was MOST likely used on this cable? RS-232
Which of the following connection types is used to terminate DS3 connections in a telecommunications facility? BNC
An F-connector is used on which of the following types of cabling? RG6
A network technician must utilize multimode fiber to uplink a new networking device. Which of the following Ethernet standards could the technician utilize? 1000Base-SR, 10GBase-SR
A network engineer needs to set up a topology that will not fail if there is an outage on a single piece of the topology. However, the computers need to wait to talk on the network to avoid congestions. Which of the following topologies would the engineer implement? Ring
A network topology that utilizes a central device with point-to-point connections to all other devices is which of the following? Star
Which of the following network topologies has a central, single point of failure? Star
Which of the following refers to a network that spans several buildings that are within walking distance of each other? CAN
Which of the following network infrastructure implementations would be used to support files being transferred between Bluetooth-enabled smartphones? PAN
Which of the following describes an IPv6 address of ::1? Loopback
Which of the following is an example of an IPv4 address?
A technician, Joe, needs to troubleshoot a recently installed NIC. He decides to ping the local loopback address. Which of the following is a valid IPv4 loopback address?
A technician, Joe, has been tasked with assigning two IP addresses to WAN interfaces on connected routers. In order to conserve address space, which of the following subnet masks should Joe use for this subnet? /30
A host has been assigned the address This is an example of which of the following address types? APIPA
A company wants to create highly available datacenters. Which of the following will allow the company to continue to maintain an Internet presence at all sites in the event that a WAN circuit at one site goes down? BGP
An organization requires a second technician to verify changes before applying them to network devices. When checking the configuration of a network device, a technician determines that a coworker has improperly configured the AS number on the device. This would result in which of the following? BGP routing issues
When convergence on a routed network occurs, which of the following is true? All routers learn the route to all connected networks
An administrator has a virtualization environment that includes a vSAN and iSCSI switching. Which of the following actions could the administrator take to improve the performance of data transfers over iSCSI switches? The administrator should set the MTU to 9000 on the each of the participants in the vSAN.
Which of the following would be used in an IP-based video conferencing deployment? Codec, SIP
Which of the following network elements enables unified communication devices to connect to and traverse traffic onto the PSTN? UC gateway
A technician is connecting a NAS device to an Ethernet network. Which of the following technologies will be used to encapsulate the frames? iSCSI
A SQL server needs several terabytes of disk space available to do an uncompressed backup of a database. Which of the following devices would be the MOST cost efficient to use for this backup? NAS

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